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Macken Beauty is the among the most advanced in beauty companies.  Beginning with cutting edge technology in anti aging, Macken beauty has developed a line of products that will help reverse the signs of aging and promote lasting, beautiful skin.  From over a decade in the industry, Celebrity Beauty Expert, Christopher Macken our team at Macken Beauty are excited to launch many products that we know you will love.  Cosmetics, Haircare, and perhaps a little fashion, we welcome you to join us on our journey.  At Macken Beauty, we believe that everyone should feel indulged and opulent.  you are all royalty to us and we intend to make you feel that way.  More than a frame of mind, you will notice that every aspect of our brand is aimed at glamour.  From the premium ingredients that we have chosen for out products to the packaging, our goal is to show you just how glamorous you are.  

"Be unapologetically yourself, because you are beautiful" ~Christopher Macken


Macken Says

Christopher Macken gives his trademark wit, humor, and creative eye on everything from makeup trends, fashion review, and even recipes that help you to live a fabulous life!

And The Lord Said... Let There Be BLOG...

Christopher Macken

And it was good. Ok so yes, many of you have reminded me that… once upon a time, I had a very pretty popular blog. I shared all sorts of Ideas and thoughts. I did enjoy it though I drifted from it over the years…

Well It is a new year and I am overflowing with new fun ideas. In addition, I am so excited to share with everyone all of the new products that I am developing for READY TO WEAR BEAUTY.

So stay tuned, stay creative, and stay beautiful… we are about to have some fun. If you haven’t already, Sign up for the news letter!

ok, Love you all!